75: David Barnett | Private Transaction Advisor

David Barnett has been working to help the owners of Small and Medium Sized businesses for almost 20 years. As a former business broker and financing broker, Barnett has helped people buy, sell, plan, manage and finance businesses. Since 2014, Barnett has authored 6 small business books, 3 of which have become Amazon best-sellers.

Name: David Barnett

Website: www.DavidCBarnett.com


June 18, 2017 48 Mins
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00:53 Alex, how is your day going? My day’s going very, very well Jonathan! Thank you so much for having me on your show; it’s great to be here.
01:25 Imagine that you just had the best day of your life. What is that one piece of food that is going to make your day complete? That would have to be sushi; the hottest, spiciest tuna rolls with some good mayo.
02:41 Tell us about yourself. Who are you, and what is your story? I was a union carpenter, making $70k a year; pretty normal until I broke away and started my own carpenter business. But I eventually quit my carpenter job, had numerous others which I eventually quit, as I didn’t want to feel like an employee anymore. I instead decided to launch a company centered on abnormalities, as I have one in the form of pectus excavatum.
12:03 When you finished your speech about your condition, how did you feel about releasing this sort of information to the public? I felt like I was born again, honestly.
12:13 What was the kind of feedback you got when you recorded this into a video, and posted it online? It felt like the world came to me and accepted it; it was really about my authenticity and being somewhat relatable.
14:17 Your reveal led to new business opportunities and speaking engagements – where do you see yourself as a brand over the next 5 years or so? I see me making videos of myself; vlogs in a way.
15:17 What is your business model like? Also, what failures have you experienced since starting your business? I make somewhat crazy, inspirational videos with a hint of philosophy in them, and I sell T-shirts. As for failures, I was making a video in the Hudson River and it attracted the attention of the New York Post; it ended up being a very embarrassing experience.
18:39 What was the moment for you in which you wanted to just go through with it and help people, regardless of the negative press you had from that incident? That moment actually happened this past Mother’s Day.
20:15 Confidence is crucial in business, and I see that you’ve bounced back well despite your past hiccups. How do you motivate yourself? I do that by looking at the feedback I’ve gotten from people that I’ve helped.
21:19 What are some things that you could recommend to other people who are looking to create their own brand? I would advise to ‘not think’ – just go for it. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and try new approaches, not caring what people may think.
23:03 How has family helped you to be the person that you are today? How has the constant stream of individuals help you to become a better business professional? To be honest, I’ve been away from my family a lot – save for my immediate family.
24:27 What are some things that you do for fun? I consider my work to be my fun.
27:44 What are some technological resources that you use throughout your day? I use a lot of Facebook. And I also use my YouTube channel.
28:55 Could you tell us what it (pectus excavatum) actually is? Also, how many people does it affect? It’s a condition that makes your chest appear to cave in. It can cause chest and heart issues.
31:38 What are 3 pieces of advice that you could give to an entrepreneur that’s stuck in a rut? 1) Be authentic. 2) Step out of your comfort zone. 3) Subscribe to my YouTube channel. *laughs*